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The Great Rollers of the Milk Way

Doom Shrooms

Strange Attraction

Mighty Flighty

Bleed before Battle

We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

The Uncommon Habits of Our Most Common Spiders

To Sting or Not to Sting

Bee-ting the Heat

Bringing Home the Honey

Hunka hunka burnin’ bees

2018 Taxonomy Pun Contest Winners!

Announcing Buzz Hoot Roar’s Fifth Annual Taxonomy Pun Contest!

The heat is killing me. No, really.

Recluse or Not? Citizen science with SPIDERS!

BHR Artist in Residence Has A SciArt Book! And it’s free!

Bull Sharks’ Road Trips

How Climate Change Makes Poison Ivy Stronger

Coral Bleaching, or, how to drown a marine animal

The final 2017 winner!

Pun contest, day 4…another winner!

Our third winner!

And our second winner…

Announcing the winners of the 2017 #TaxonomyPun contest!

Attention! Attention! Pun Contest!

Overdressed for the Party: How Climate Change is Bad News for Snowshoe Hares

How Climate Change Puts Fish on a Diet

How to Talk to Your Parents About Climate Change

Our Favorite Shower Singers

The Usual Suspects

Doodles from a Meeting

Taxonomy Pun Contest Winners!

Attention! Attention! Taxonomy Contest!

When Your Lover Could Just Eat You Up

Waterfall-Climbing Fish

Are we human? Or are we microbe?

Announcing Buzz Hoot Roar’s new Artist in Residence!

Middle school isn’t so different for animals.

A Win for the Cat

The malodorous mysteries of asparagus pee

Calling All Clowns

The Kama Sutra of the Anglerfish

Your Anti-Shark Attack Handbook

Collective Intelligence

Spider book update: Help us pick our species!

Bugs are Shiny, but How? And Why?

Things that get under your skin: Parasitoids

Blast from the Past: Animals in Space!

Taxonomy Puns! We Have Winners!

Nest building — it’s not just for the birds!

Attention! Attention! Taxonomy Pun Contest!

Sinister Sniffles: Animals with Malevolent Mucus

Bearded Wonders

Keepin’ It Glassy: How Some Animals Turn to Glass to Survive

The secret extra animals in your food

Lessons from the Schoolyard: Why Do Dogs Hump?

Take 5: Notes of Greatness from the 2014 ESA Conference

A Good Nose Isn’t That Hard to Find

Happy Halloween! Lesser-Known Vampires of the Animal World

Buzz Hoot Roar shirts! Finally!

It’s Our Birthday!

The Horrors of Your Backyard: Squirrel Warbles

Dinosaurs Wore Party Hats!

Ant-Man’s Retinue: Ants That Have What it Takes to Fight Supervillains

Buzz Hoot Roar News: Check out Our Art Exhibition!

Stop with the Death Metal! You’re Not a Woodpecker!

Why Are We Afraid of Spiders?

Japanese Beetles Are Shiny, Green Party Animals

Pronking: The Happy Dance That Should Kill You (But Doesn’t)

Elephants ATTACK!

How Many Does It Take?

Hey, Hot Stuff!

Buzz Hoot Roar Announces Its First Artist in Residence!

Summer Reruns: Vocabulary Quiz

What’s the difference?

Petrichor: Your new favorite word

When the solution is Indiana Jones’s worst nightmare

Hoot’s Adventures with Emu Poop

Poop Transplants

Animals in Spaaaaaaace

For Love or Supper: Why Critters Light Up

Gluteal Crease: Where the Butt Crack Begins

Frogs in Pants Finally Explain Sex

Squirrel Chat: No Longer an Elitist Pastime

Taxonomy Puns! We Have A Winner! Part 5!

Taxonomy Puns! We Have A Winner! Part 4!

Taxonomy Puns! We Have A Winner! Part 3!

Taxonomy Puns! We Have A Winner! Part 2!

Taxonomy Puns! We Have A Winner!

Attention! Attention! Taxonomy Pun Contest!

Dr. Eleanor’s Book of Common Ants of New York City

Our Valentine to You

5 Insects That Might Make Okay Boyfriends…

There’s No Such Thing as Organic Honey, Lady!

The Ladybug’s Secret Evil

The Driftin’ Life of Mayfly Nymphs


Five Insects We Never Want to Have Sex With

Guess that Age: It’s a Ringer!

Holiday Reruns: Five Conversation Starters for the Thanksgiving Table

We Got the Beat

Why Some Ants Dress in Drag

Vocabulary Friday: Gibbous

How Boxer Crabs Anemone an Enemy

Vocabulary Friday: Omphaloskepsis

We’re Going to Squeeze It

Saving Face: Putting a Dead Head Back Together

Jumping Spiders: an Evolutionary Love Story

Vocabulary Friday: Polyphyodont

Get Moving! How to Navigate the Great Migrate.

The Best Thing About Baby Ants

Vocabulary Friday: Actinopterygii

A Spider Did Not Bite You

Introducing Buzz Hoot Roar

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