Gluteal crease! The top part of your butt crack!


A great place to live, if you’re bacteria. Thanks to your g.c.’s warm, “moist” environment, a bouquet of biota feels right at home. Humidity-loving microbes like Staphylococcus and Corynebacteria  delight in hanging out in there (and other warm, moist areas like inside your belly button and in your toe cracks).



There, they scarf down your sweat, and in the process generate what scientists call “butt funk.”1,2


As an aside, plastic surgeons want you to know the “most attractive” gluteal crease is a v-shaped one.3 In case you were looking for something else to dress up.



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Written by Roar, art by Hoot and Roar.

Special thanks to Dr. Holly Menninger, who always keeps her eyes peeled for good gluteal crease information. You can follow her on Twitter @drholly.