Tongue-tied with Uncle Tommy? Sick of Aunt Sally’s prattle? Try some of these BHR-approved conversation starters to get things going this Thanksgiving.

1. “My little heart goes pitter pat just being surrounded by all of you loved ones. Speaking of hearts, did you know smaller animals’ hearts beat faster than larger animals? Well, they do.



2. “It sounds like that investment banking career is really taking off for you, Mike. Oh, me? I just took up omphaloskepsis.”


3. “No, I’m not being creepy about your baby, Janet. I’m expressing a natural evolutionary urge to protect him.”squeezeit_05_03
4. “Oh, look at the moon! It’ll look even smaller tomorrow night. How do I know? I just know.”
5. “It’s natural to share, Jerry. But you gotta work for it. So no, you’re not getting any of my pecan pie.”
Image credits: 1. Neil McCoy, 2. Julia Rice. 3. Jaime Van Wart 4. Christina Wang 5. Chris Trlica