Jumping spiders. Salticids. Who doesn’t love them? With their big eyes and furry mustaches, they’re the George Clooneys of the spider world, handsome and charismatic.


Well, maybe the Justin Timberlakes. When jumping spiders mate, males in the mood of the Habronattus genus dance up to their Britneys and Jessicas, waving their forelegs and grinding their abdomens.


Each species even sings its own song as it approaches its respective paramour.


In Arizona, jumping spiders of the same species often become isolated on mountaintops. Too far to travel, they only speak to spiders on their own “sky islands.”


Over time, these males modify their songs to please their girlfriends. Today, males on different mountaintops sing different songs, each tune driven by the preference of their female neighbors. Eventually, this type of sexual selection can lead to the development of new species.


Maybe budding Robin Thickes ready for their Mileys?



Bonus: Check out footage of real-live adorbs salticid mating dancing here.


Originally from North Carolina, illustrator Christine Fleming is slowly working her way around the country. Her work tends to have a whimsical feel with organic lines, delicate textures, and hidden details. Check out more of her work and her blog at www.mightcouldstudios.com, and follow her on Twitter @might_could.