It turns out humans aren’t the only ones with uncomfortable tweens. Animals suffer through their own in-betweener stage. Today on Buzz Hoot Roar, a very talented middle schooler illustrates the ins and outs of animals’ most awkward age.

1. They’re weird looking. Gangly and awkward, pubescent animals have their own pimple-faced, braces-type, please-bury-my-yearbook-photo style. Just take king penguins, moose, cicadas, lions and cardinals, for example.



2. They start getting fashion advice from their friends. When chimpanzees hit adolescence, they quit getting their mamas to do their hair in favor of a good grooming from friends. This helps form lasting bonds and keeps them from being the kid in class whose mama made his clothes.


3. Their voices change. Many animals get deeper voices as they get bigger. Red deer (Cervus elaphus) stags start trying to woo with their developing deep tones, but those voice-cracking preteens usually don’t stand a chance.


4. They start hanging out with their buddies all the time. Instead of hanging at the watering hole with mama, elephants start to hit the mall, or at least pal around with their peers. Together they learn all sorts of things their mamas wouldn’t teach them. It’s the equivalent of a group of boys hiding a Playboy magazine under Billy’s mattress.


5. They start acting stupid. Youngsters tend to be heedless risk takers. Adolescent mice, for example, often show “unbalanced and extremes-oriented behavior, increased risk taking, impulsiveness and restlessness.” Sound familiar? These youthful hijinks help prepare them to be wizened adults who say things like, “kids these days …”



Written by Roar. Illustrated by Cade MacDougall.


Cade is an 8th grader at East Cary Middle School, which is not actually something he’d be all that interested in discussing. If, however, you wanted to talk about DC Comics-Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash … he’s all in. Though he does prefer Marvel movies to DC movies, he can’t wait for the upcoming Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice due out March 2016.

Cade has two YouTube channels, NightRobin Inc. and Speed Force Gaming. His gaming channel focuses more on banter than on game ability and his script and animation channel is in development but will focus on comedy and will highlight a new series “Absurd Nerds” starring Cade and his friends. And random people dressed as superheroes.

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