Five winners! Of more than 70 taxonomy appreciation puns emailed, Facebooked, commented, and tweeted our way, our esteemed and impartial judges selected their five punniest winners. We present them to you now, just in time for Taxonomist Appreciation Day!* Check in each day this week to see a new winner. And thanks for all the excellent submissions!

And, drumroll please: Our first winner for 2015!


Pun by Natalie Sopinka (@phishdoc). Illustration by Christin Hardy (@c_hristin)

And our second winner:


Pun by Julie Himes (@jehimes). Illustration by Hoot (@sarahblackmon).

And our day three winner:


Pun by Rick Wright (@birdernewjersey), illustration by Heather Copley.

Here’s winner #4:


Pun by Jeremy McNabb @JeremyMcnabb, illustration by Roar @VerdantEleanor

And finally, winner #5:


Pun by Natalie Sopinka (@phishdoc), illustration by Chris Buddle (@cmbuddle).

Meet our celebrity judges!

Matt Shipman (@ShipLives) is a public information officer at North Carolina State University and a freelance science writer. He also writes the Communication Breakdown blog, which focuses on science communication. He lives near Raleigh, in a house full of humans.

Gwen Pearson (@Bug_Gwen) writes for WIRED science. She also is the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Purdue Department of Entomology.

Dr. Floyd W. Shockley (@Beetle_Guy) is the Acting Collections Manager of the National Insect Collection in the Department of Entomology at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.  In addition to managing the 35 million specimens in the collection, he is an expert on fungus beetles and a world authority on the Handsome Fungus Beetles (family Endomychidae).

*To learn more about the excellent Taxonomist Appreciation Day, click here.