So if you’re the weak guy in a class of bullies, can you still get lucky? Some males of the ant species Cardiocondyla obscurior say,


They have some advice for you.

In C. obscurior nests,


To avoid getting stomped on by the larger males and still mate with future queens, these Steve Urkles mimic the scent of fertile female ants.


Beefy bullies get all hot and bothered by their brothers dressed in drag, and instead of attacking these should-be rivals, they try to mate with them.


Meanwhile, our ant Ru Pauls are hooking up with the actual females.BHR_Transgender_Ants2_last_01

Not only are these wimps getting lucky; so are their offspring. Dressing in drag is one way scrawny guys push their genes into future generations.   BHR_Transgender_Ants_last_01


Brad Maurer is a stream restoration engineer at The Nature Conservancy. He likes his job, but still regrets dropping out of art school. He’s currently working on a book of insect cartoon characters.